Speedminton GmbH, founded in 2002, has given the world a new sport: Crossminton / Speed Badminton! Its simple rules make the sport attractive to hardcore players and recreational athletes alike - anyone who can hold a racquet! Whether competition or freestyle: Crossminton / Speed Badminton is a game with no limits.

Speedminton® manufacturers top-of-the-line equipment for Crossminton / Speed Badminton from the best materials: aluminum or carbon racquets, patented Speeder®, courts, and more - everything you need to play at the beach, in parks, or on the street. No nets are needed! Play anywhere, anytime!

Short historical summary

2001 in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, the first players gathered which were thrilled by a faster and more windstable Badminton game. Some of them founded a small company, the Speedminton GmbH, which managed to transfer the idea to an entirely new sport - Speed Badminton - and to develop the appropriate products for this sport within only five years. Speedminton® began marketing their first game sets in 2005 and have continued to grow since. At the 01.01.2016 the official designation of the sport has been renamed in Crossminton.

By partnering with the ISBO and top ranked athletes, this gave Speedminton® an opportunity to improve the quality of their equipment. With a market share of 80%, Speedminton® is the worldwide market leader in Crossminton / Speed Badminton equipment. In support of the sport’s development, Speedminton® donates to various Crossminton / Speed Badminton organizations throughout the world. In 2011 the first ISBO Speedminton® World Championships took place in Berlin.

Crossminton / Speed Badminton is conquering the world. More than 2.5 Million recreational players, most of them in Europe. But also in Australia, Mauritius and Brasil you can play Speedminton®. In 2012 Speedminton® Sporting Goods Inc. was founded in California.

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